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  1. Shadow

    my account isnt limited and i got this error too as you can read in my first comment

    1. StickDead

      You need spend 5 (five Dolars), why your account is limited

      1. Anonymous

        i have 3 dlh.net accounts all free and is not limited i can grab keys!

  2. StickDead

    my account is limited, i suppose that make wrong id?

  3. Shadow

    got one tried it for 5 hours every hour again ,it takes some patience

  4. StickDead

    fck, i cant get one

    1. Anonymous

      The next round (2500 keys) starts in 0 hours 44 minutes.

  5. StickDead


  6. Arabinas

    Already got, but in another wave, my cousin couldn’t 😀 All taken in 55seconds

  7. The next round (250 keys) starts in 2 minutes.

  8. Shadow

    not worth the time,site chraches evertime i try to obtain a key or gives a error wrong steam id

    1. Artex

      just try it again. Did it few minutes ago and the next bunch of keys are going to be given away in 23 mins.