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  1. no existe ora web parecida a esta? siempre me toca los mismos juegos 🙁

  2. The Deer: P8AAQ-00DRH-VF9LW


    1. i have a question / i know i am having free games but can we have the key of stratigic games life commpany of heroes or age of enpire or red alert

      1. @bgkoki are you here

        1. If the developers want to give some keys yes, but im not sure if accually very popular game like age of empire. Sorry if you don’t understood i’m not good at English.

          1. I mean, Popular games like these. I do not think they will have a key in near future..But it’s possible when developers create more expensive games then they will giveaway keys for oldest.. Maybe!! just my opinion.. I hope you understood what i said and i answered you question <3 ..