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  1. Still no key received

  2. The key is only for the beta or we get the full game when is out?

  3. When does it come out??

  4. the game is not out yet

  5. É só inscrição para o beta fechado.

  6. Nice , now i have to wait until i get the game 😀 ! hope it wont take so long 😀

  7. ja coloquei e confirmei , mais nao apareceu a key

    1. tem que esperar, não é na hora.

  8. Está embaixo no canto inferior esquerdo, Coloque seu email e confirme-o !!!.

  9. bgkoki thx . they will send keys after subs yes

  10. nao consegui pegar.. nao tem a opção

  11. when this game will be relased ?

  12. Yo when do I get it?

  13. Look at the Bottom of the Page and enter your Email Adress and your details, wait until they send out the Keys. (Dont forget to confirm!)

    1. When do I get it?

      1. i dont know it can take hours, days or even weeks..