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  1. Kaito

    It Is another key
    Take it and confirm

  2. Ensure that your profile is public.
    If still having problems, it can be because your account is limited, and can’t get some of the free gamekeys.

    1. It gave me it anyway… Is that a problem?

      1. Not a all, just has problems with some users who don’t have public profiles/have limited profiles. If you end up getting it anyways that is not a problem. It may just be that only checks some users?

        1. I dunno. But I got the key… YWHR4-E476K-RYF4K

          All I can say is that they should be giving it to both private and public accounts. It’s unfair if public gets it and private doesn’t..

        2. For some reason I can’t reply below but I will answer it here.

 most likey wants public profile so that they can check if you joined groups easily. That’s most likey it.

        3. Stalking confirmed!!!!111!11!1!11!!!1

  3. Anonymous…
    Steam said no: Sorry, your channel should be public…!!!!!!!