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  1. Yes, im selected!!!!

  2. 63CC3-6PY59-IV7MV

  3. where are the keys

  4. The Deer: XHR4J-66PFZ-5VAIM

  5. When the keys comes?

    1. First they need to choose you and then they will send you a key. 😉

      1. Key will be sent on 28th august

  6. Já me registrei, esperando a chave !

  7. its a survey with a chance to get invited a beta key. Choose Steam and answer the survey.

    1. Thanks for the information (without sarcasm)

      1. Mais a chave não chega na hora correto ? eu tenho que espera né?

        1. More the key does not arrive at the correct time? I have to wait right?

            1. Every time I participate in these surveys, do not even get a key for me hahaha

              1. Did you get Beholder tho?

                1. como q eu pego essa key, to confuso

                  1. Tem que espera a chave cair no seu e-mail

                    1. obg moça

  8. information ? hepl?