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  1. Omg empire is giving already free games ! :((((((((((((((

  2. No +1 anymore, now is a Free on Demand.

  3. Press Win+R and then type “steam://install/319630/” without “.

  4. Episode 1 is free forever it seems. Doesnt increase game count, can someone confirm?

    1. Go to main page, ive posted another one

      1. Ok. confirm +1. Other ppl can check titoncio newest post for +1 game count on steam.

        1. Looks like ended 😮
          “There is no stock anymore for this product.”

          1. omg. Thx for the head sup tito. +rep

  5. Game must be installed? because if i uninstall it, the game is missing from my library

    1. game will stay in your library only if you buy it.

      1. ok, thanks!

  6. It’s free forever or only today?

    1. type this in in your browser click install free game

    1. i just get back to steam store it says add to cart dafuq? any solution?

      1. wait a little bit

  7. best game



  9. It is free from 7 pm

  10. copy and paste this url address [ steam://install/319630 ] in the address bar without the “[” & “]”
    then it should redirect you to steam and install episode 1 for free

  11. Na Steam continua sendo pago ¬¬’

  12. GAME IS FREE!!! Go > click on button “FREE” and install game 🙂

  13. is it still ain’t free? or is it because of my region?

    1. also do not see the game would be free

  14. Inexorabilis [developer] 6 hours ago
    The game will be free from tomorrow (the 21st) onwards. Usually the Store updates around 6pm BST / 10am PST, which is why I hadn’t announced it here yet. Keep your eyes peeled for the official Steam Announcement tomorrow!

    1. by developer @steam discussion

  15. It is free on xbox one lol

  16. it is not free 🙁

    1. Tomorrow will be free! Please watch comments above you or More Informations

  17. Thanks for information about this free game. Will be this game free all day or only in identified time ?

  18. lol peps the game is free tomorrow xD

  19. hah its cool when everyone is writing how game isn’t free but.. on every second coment its said / will be free tomorrow xD 😀

  20. so … its free tomorrow?

  21. THIS GAME IS FREE FROM 21.07.2016!

  22. OMG I wanna This game!

  23. i cant find a free episode 1

    1. Free from 21.6!!!!!!!!

      1. Prepare for more. haha

  24. THIS GAME IS FREE FROM 21.07.2016!

    1. prepare yourself!