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  1. Anonymous

    Somehow keys from indiegala like this one dont appear in my indigala library many times. I did everything right, liked on Facebook/Twitter, followed the steam group (profile is public) and confirmed to not be a robot. But it doesnt work.

    1. This game can be showed in the first games, not the last in
      Library -> Indiegala Giveaways

  2. GoD

    Ty.! 😀

  3. Anonymous

    WTF ?! It’s not GLEAM and absolutely different game !

    1. Thanks for advice about Indiegala.
      And also, can be a bug because the game given is Gun Metal also if shows Uriel’s Chasm 2…

      1. ZaPa

        yeah it shows that to me too

      2. ZaPa

        and yeah it’s a bug cause if you go to the library there it’s saying gun metal 😉

    2. yeah it’s not gleam and that’s good… gleam has have soooo many bugs