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  1. Túrin

    I don’t get the Skyrim Battleaxe

  2. Takadoshika

    EVERYTIME I TRY TO JOIN A GROUP SHOWS: “sorry, limited Steam accounts are not allowed” What is “limited steam accounts” ???

    1. you must add 5$ to your acc to get unlimited account. If u are limited u can`t get any steam key from 🙁 Sry

      1. Anonymous

        then how did i get it XD

        1. Because old accounts are supposedly “premium” now since this “limit” thing is kinda new on steam. You prolly have an old account 😛 gj

    2. gvidamunga

      refresh sometimes it says to my but it works now

  3. guys how i cann gett this key :'(

    1. Anonymous

      easy man

    2. Anonymous

      Grab it for free 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Not letting me login on that page. Main IG page is fine, but not this subpage at all.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous