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  1. Group Nazul -_-

    1. that shit gets me every time bruh..
      everything goes smoothly until that nazul shit appears…

  2. Anonymous

    still available

  3. Keys available again

  4. Anonymous

    This Reward has ended

  5. This Reward has ended

  6. ThatOneNoodle

    You can still get the game here for free.

  7. awesome chosenone

    This Reward has ended

  8. hamza4f

    keys left

  9. Lachty

    Steam do not work.

    1. “Steam do not work”

  10. XDA_killer1

    Empire is right. I got the key. It take about 3 minutes which is very easy then other site giveways.

  11. This is bullshit, don’t do it guys

      1. Anonymous

        yea, it works, but look at the list of bullshit needed to claim it. the list gets longer each time and you get re-directed to new long lists while trying. this has gotten too crazy.

        1. Join 5 Steam Groups and the other Links klick and close! thats it! Max 2 Minutes

        2. Anonymous

          ahhh, ok. thx. i thought you had to complete all off the pop-ups too.