A big thank you to all visitors of Freesteamkeys.me !

before 7 months, i launched this website, and never thought that it is so large.


Right now we have:

  • 7260 Registered user on this website.
  • 7907 Comment
  • 12054 Steam Member
  • 1125 Facebook Fans
  • 370 Twitter Follower
  • 188 Google+ Follower
  • 200 Instagram Follower
  • 15130 APP Downloads from Google Play Store
  • 20K – 30K Daily Visitors


also a big thank you to all Contributors for the wonderfull Support!


if their ideas or wishes for the website have can you write this in the comments


So again a big thank you and hopefully good next months 🙂

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  1. i love this site <33

  2. Very good site !

    IT’S DA BEST!!!

  4. thank you so much!!!!!!

  5. much love baby

  6. This is the best site ever, i got 30 games, but i can’t got my favorite game.. Ty all

  7. ThankS Bro for keys 😀

  8. Thank you too!, you know what?! i really love this site

  9. Why thank us? You guys are the ones helping us with getting free games! 😀 I think that I speak for most of us when I say, thank you for all the work you do to get us random strangers free games!

  10. thanx for this site

  11. this site is awesome

  12. I love this site so much 😀

  13. Thank You! And Congratulations!
    One suggestion: it could have an icon with a link to the steam page game so we can check more info about the game right away.

  14. Love this site soo mcuh <3

  15. Site is brilliant, love it

  16. <3 For ALL ! 😀

  17. <3 I love you 😀

  18. Thank you too for this really cool website

  19. thank you so much! love this site

  20. Thank you too! 🙂

  21. Love this site. I visit every day 🙂

  22. You deserve It. U are the one of few website that actually give legit keys

  23. Thank you guys aaaaaaand GTA V keys for everyone 🙂

  24. I love this website and I hope that continues like this.
    P.S-Try to giveway a some better games

  25. best website ever

  26. only success! = D

  27. I love this site because i have 50 games more . thanks to you 😀

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  29. Ahh I love this site!