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  1. Devils Share key

  2. algun codigo de counter strike global offensive

  3. pasen el codigo del counter strike global ofencibe plisss

  4. FCD3R-87YGL-0Q7P2

  5. 3TRV2-RNZ96-EL9QG

  6. alguien me pasa el codigo de counter strike 1.6

  7. ZDP8V-RAYJM-RLNH9 Mini Attack Submarine

    1. ddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  8. I already have these games. Be the first to catch the codes! 😀
    YTXLH-QINPP-3HARL – Devils Share
    R562Y-74HEN-4HF38 – Withering Kingdom Arcane Wars
    I3A8A-7YMLG-KBHMF – Attrition Nuclear Domination

  9. i cant get any keys what i should to do ??

    1. what you mean by i can’t?

  10. YEAAAA I GOT 10 KEYS THANK YOU.!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks man 10 keys nice

  12. HI69F-7RBTG-VBM4P

  13. tyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. Sorry your twitter account has expired RETARDED GLEAM!

    1. ok it works thanks :DD

  15. Gleam… Not worth it

    1. Sorry, got em all, thank you!

  16. 10 games, awesome. Thank you!

  17. Deadly Profits: 0VNFX-3MZ7I-5V3JY
    Devils Share: CK0EA-3V9AW-ZIPRE
    Attrition Nuclear Domination: B6BAP-WBE59-LK6IT

  18. For these who can’t see all from the page: “Ctrl” + “-” 2 times!

  19. Woah, thanx a lot!!!

  20. AMAZING got 4 free games!!!!

  21. Thank you BGKOKI <3

  22. Thanks a lot. Got all of them. 🙂

  23. Everything is working fine to me

    1. Are they all in Greenlight yet?

  24. Best Giveaway EVER… seriously i love you

  25. the page not charge

    1. thank you very much

  26. If you missed some games from these here or you doesn’t have any of these steam games : Devils Share, Medieval Mercs, Gnarltoof’s Revenge, Deadly Profits, Attrition Nuclear Domination, Forsaken Uprising, Paranormal Psychosis, Wyatt Derp 2, Temper Tantrum, The Slaughtering Grounds

      1. well there are always new people to this 😀

    1. Yeah really dont have em.xD