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  1. can someone give me a key? thanks

    1. ok i give you sent me requst on my facebook

  2. Add me on steam Пацов i have 25 keys of this game 😀

    1. Can key give please?

    2. Do you really have the key ?
      can you give me one please ?

  3. Does anyone want my key? I got one but I don’t think that I will use it

      1. okay, add me on steam

        1. my username is gamingxenpai

    1. Can you give me the key,please?

  4. it doesnt work :/

  5. This page is currently down performing scheduled maintenance. Please check back at a later time. :p

    1. Т+++оже самое

        1. Russian rage 😀

          1. Иди нахуй

  6. You have to try several times. I have a 4 door handle for my friends

  7. Receive mail in 5 sec!!! 🙂

  8. FFFUUUUUU nothing in my -_-

  9. just 5 seconds thanks a lot

  10. Everyone who isn’t received the key try using Gmail

    1. mine worked with hotmail

  11. Seems not to work. Tried with 2 email accounts. No email, nothing in spam folder.

    1. GOT it BrO 😀 !!
      try Gmail

  12. i didn’t receive a key per email…

  13. Is this game key for the whole game or just for beta and then it won’t be useable?

    1. im not sure but i think is for full game

      1. But when it’s sent to an email it says beta key

        1. i say im not sure 😀

          1. so it’s probably just for beta cx

            1. You will instantly receive your Beta Key in your email upon email submission.

  14. Seems very cool. Thanks