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  1. People can easily cheat the videos and skip nearly the whole video. Gleam doesn’t verify if it was watched all the way which really sucks because of this cheat. :/

    1. Anonymous

      shut up

  2. Marcel

    the video needs to be watched 10 minutes and all games after 8 mins gone? xDD

    1. U can ez skip the video just mark at the end. :DD

  3. Marcel

    i do all task and it says this reward has ended?? a joke?…

    1. Anonymous

      sad moron

  4. Marked it as “No Keys Left”. Didn’t finish all actions before so I could post this, seems you have to refer friends which is sometimes hard to do.

    And even so at this moment, they are all already gone.

  5. Gaben

    WTF is this shit? Last action required to get the key is refer friends? I smell fraud!