LIMBO is available for FREE on Steam between June 21 and 22, 2016.

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  1. I Was to late…

    1. 2 months.. 😀 lol

  2. Kostic

    yayyyyy thank you soooo much

  3. Guest

    Thank you (steam) 😀

  4. It will be free from now on.. bruh

    1. id/mredvis

      No,only 2days i guess.

  5. Anonymous

    working thank you!!!

  6. Anonymous

    it’s free on steam!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    does it actually work???

      1. Hassan

        it’s jsut free steam game

  8. Anonymous


  9. Akechi1010

    Thanks… It’s work…

  10. yago30001

    vao dar a key ou vai ficar de graça ?

    1. Fishonthenet

      Ficou de graça


      De graça por 24H igual left 4 dead 2 a uns anos atrás 😉

  11. Optimus™


  12. lahnakuningas


  13. Lucowitsch

    It works, thanks 😀

  14. Anonymous


  15. Anonymous

    finally thx

  16. Anonymous


  17. Anonymous


  18. Anonymous

    Admin its free only for xbox or when it will be free

  19. Optimus™ • a minute ago
    Thanks for all comments but we have sad news. There won’t be any free limbo today or tommorow. Stream picked randomly 1 country for free limbo copy and the winner is Poland…

    1. dein vada

      im in germany, and i got it lol, its just wasnt out when u wrote it. now its free

  20. A Smart Ass

    Nope… ITS A JOKE…

  21. Optimus™

    Mamt è gratis…stu trmon d merd

  22. Anonymous

    its free on freakin xboxxx
    you lyersssss

    1. Anonymous

      Nope İts Gonna Free in 21 and 22

      1. id/mredvis

        Its 21 already lol…

  23. Optimus™

  24. Anonymous

    Still not freeeeewww

  25. limbo not free

    still not free 🙁

  26. Anonymous

    The 100% discount will be at 18:00 London/Lisbon, like always.
    New games, discounts and summer sales starts always at 18:00.

    1. Anonymous

      Today at 18:00 it will be free?

  27. Optimus™

    Still not free D:

  28. afak

    Still not free…

  29. Anonymous

    Nope Still Dont Free Damn It

  30. Jasmine

    how about Australia?

  31. Hello

    segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2016 (GMT-4)
    Horário em Washington, D.C., Distrito de Colúmbia, EUA
    22:06 Chicago (GMT-5)
    21:06 Denver (GMT-6)
    20:06 Phoenix (GMT-7)
    20:06 Los Angeles (GMT-7)
    19:06 Anchorage (GMT-8)
    17:06 Honolulu (GMT-10)

    hahahaha almost there. Just wait the right time.

  32. Anonymous

    Dormid, mañana sí estará ‘free’. Debe ser de seguro 21 en todo el mundo.

  33. Please don’t comment on how you can’t get the game, it is free from June 21-22 at no certain time. Get a few hours of sleep before you check again.

    The source is from here:

    “Limbo will be available for free on Xbox One from June 13 through to June 20. Those on PC will be able to download the acclaimed adventure-platformer for free on Steam on June 21 and 22.”

    1. Hassan

      can you post key ?

      1. Just watch out for posts, they just don’t come from the sky. 🙂
        Just recently I have posted 4 games you can get, so check it out. 🙂

        If you meant I had the power to make posts, yes I can. 🙂

  34. Optimus™

    Don’t work asd

  35. Anonymous


    1. Anonymous

      Its limbo demo

  36. Sevomyr

    Good night everyone! I hope we’ll find it free in the morning!

  37. June 21 there was no clock-specified! it comes in the course of the day.

  38. Anonymous

    Or just fuck it and go sleep nad today around 3 PM it will be 100% if its not lie

  39. Markysan

    Still not free 🙁 i live in Latvia and its 21/06/2016 01:15 🙁

  40. Optimus™

    I live in Italy..It’s 00:09 but the game it’s not yet free….Sorry for my bad english but as I said I’m italian

    1. Lucowitsch

      Yes, maybe we must wait till it’s the 21th in the US and than anyone can get it free, but im not sure. 🙂

  41. Anonymous

    Maybe we need wait for all timezones to 21 June becase idk

  42. id/mredvis


    1. Lucowitsch

      In Europe (for me Germany) it’s anymore June 20, just wait 40 minutes 🙂

      1. id/mredvis

        Its 6/21/2016 in Europe 😀 Time 12:26

        1. Lucowitsch

          No, this can’t be right.
          Im living in Germany and here my watch says 23:30 ^^

          1. id/mredvis

            Maybe my pc time/date broke lel.

            1. Lucowitsch

              Np, look here:

            2. id/mredvis

              I live in lithuania 😀 diffrent timezone?

              1. Lucowitsch

                Haha, yes it’s another timezone. Nice 😀

    2. Sevomyr

      Maybe it’s only free for US? Here in Ukraine it’s 1:00 am and the game is still sold for $5.99 as it was yesterday and the day before yesterday.

      1. id/mredvis

        I hope its not.. ;c

      2. Lucowitsch

        Yes, maybe we must wait till it’s the 21th in the US and than anyone can get it free, but im not sure. 🙂

  43. Anonymous

    when will it be free? 🙁

    1. Lucowitsch

      In Europe it’s now 23:20.. just wait 40 minutes 😀

      1. Anonymous


        1. Lucowitsch

          np 🙂

  44. Anonymous

    this is fail

  45. Anonymous

    how can i get this game for free?

  46. Anonymous

    where’s game

  47. hürdür

    It is June 21 now, but it still costs 9,99€

    1. Anonymous

      but its 0$?

      1. hürdür

        but its 9,99€?

        1. Anonymous

          no its free

          1. hürdür

            its not

            1. Anonymous

              Its not free.Its still 9.99€

  48. Anonymous

    where is the game?

  49. Anonymous


  50. Dawson600

    Still waiting…

  51. Anonymous

    Any Way the Game will be free tomorrow

  52. Anonymous

    In Europe

  53. Anonymous


  54. Anonymous

    its not free yet 🙁

  55. Morgan Freeman

    Still waiting for it, it isn’t 21th yet in Europe D:

  56. Anonymous


    1. HOUSSAM


  57. Anonymous


  58. LIMBO

    Im go to steam and im must buy not install help

  59. deer


  60. Anonymous

    it will be free when the count down is over…. pretty obvious

  61. Furious Monkey

    Admin,will you post something when limbo will be free

  62. Anonymous

    mal posso esperar

  63. Painis Cupcake

    Neat! My humble thanks for sharing this information.

    I eat you last.

  64. maybe

    how do i get it

    1. Anonymous

      are you dumb or what? there says it will be free between june 21st and 22nd

  65. lahnakuningas


  66. Paj

    It will be free only this 2 days or this 2 days to get the key??

    1. June 21 and 22 you can Grab the Game for Free, this game stay forever in your steam account.

      1. Demon

        Where’s this info coming from? That’s a week away from now.

        1. Demon

          Thanks for the source Empire. You definitely got your ears to the digital streets. 😉

      2. Paj

        Thanks ^^

    1. June 21 and 22 is the Full Game Free