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  1. 2 days has gone no KEY why

    1. I just logged out of my account and it says it ended. So maybe we were unlucky 🙁 I’m still hoping I get a key.

  2. I won the key, in 3 – 5 minutes i received it in my email…

  3. I won the key, waited about 15 hours and had the key in the email.
    Maybe not all win.

    1. 100k Man Like i came 5 min after it started

  4. nope even after 1 day still didn’t received it. oh great what a waste of time.

  5. Got my key.
    btw is steamcompanion website is unreachable only for me?

    1. there is some problem with site

  6. Thanks!! i received the email after 3 minutes
    Hi DreamZzz,

    You have successfully unlocked Lead & Gold Key Giveaway

    Your Steam game key is below:

    Have fun and see you in the Wild Wild West!


  7. great I’ve waited over 1 hour and half and still nothing

    1. I waited for over 3hours and still nothing.

      1. well then I don’t think we will receive it :/

        1. maybe the keys are done or sometime emails are very busy..

          1. Well I hope anyway.
            I will check back tomorrow but I doubt I will receive.

            1. okay good luck..

                1. It’s been 3 days for me. Still no key

  8. I just wait 1 minute and teh key arrive in my email xd

    1. And my key doesn’t apear 🙁

  9. i waited for 3 hours and i still haven’t got the game 🙁

    1. i got it in 20 min

    2. Check Spam folder

      1. i already did and nothing

  10. i got it 😀 give me u’s steam guys i’ll add u 😀
    here is mine :

    1. really? cool 😀
      I won’t mind adding me as a friend as well 🙂

      1. u’r accounts looks cool but u don’t have good games ! :/

  11. well I will wait 30 more minutes.

  12. thx
    guys,chek your e-mail

  13. Did anyone recive a key??

    1. me too but I’m still waiting, like more than 30 mins has passed

      1. It’s lie i think, im waiting 90 minutes…

        1. i recive it YEEEEY

          1. cool so mine has to come too

  14. well I really hope I receive it 🙂

  15. Did anyone here receive a key ?

  16. Guys is it legit ?

      1. are u sure cause i don’t want to get alert in my personnel steam

        1. im sure. keys cant do nothing to your steam account

          1. If it’s spam it can damage ! same as gift

            1. its not spam.. i already play this game

              1. Sorry bro if iwaste u’r time but alert can be after a month or too it’s not supposed in the same day of the key

                1. Man, this is a giveaway from the developer. It is safe.

                  1. ohh okaaay thnx guys ! 😀

                2. @Wayfuu It’s right

                  1. did u receive u’r keys ?

                    1. I had to wait 10 minutes and I got key on e-mail. “You will receive the Steam key in your email after around 30 to 60 minutes”. Read the description.

  17. man how this works pls explain me?

    1. Omg. Click: “MORE INFORMATIONS”. Besides, Bgkoki described below where is the key…

  18. For these people who dont click
    ” More Information ” / – You will receive the Steam key in your email after around 30 to 60 minutes. Make sure to check your Spam folder! – \

    1. Yes THX @Bgkoki

      I have testet and my Key comes in 20 Minutes! WORK!