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  1. RX97C-7HH6L-9ZERN

  2. GodAnKey huh? Could be the new gleam, I will alert empire for a tag maybe

      1. I’m stuck on mobile for the next few weeks because out of my home country…ugh my lifeeeeeeeeee 🙁 Edit: you were on my friends list, then you disappeared from it, strange isn’t it?

        1. hmm i kinda fell bad for you man..

          Yeah it strange 😀 i will add you again its not a problem 😀

          1. Ah letting empire do all the work isn’t all too bad though 🙂

    1. GodAnKey and woobox Add to Tags

      1. Add them to the website tags on the right too (and does woobox 100% do instant giveaways? Wasn’t 100% sure on it)