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  1. some1 still have a key? cuz my acc is limited

  2. Evil Maze: BRGKG-JRKXE-5CL89


  4. My Steam account is limited, even among the group of Steam does not give me the Key, supogo that is I do not have any game purchased.
    And I think I need a friend follow me, Can anyone explain to me?
    Sorry for the English

    1. Limited User Accounts My Steam account is missing some Community features and/or is showing up as a limited user. What does this mean? Note: CD Keys and retail purchases do not remove limited user restrictions. You must make a purchase from your Steam account or accept a Steam gift. (Link)

      1. Link:

        1. Incorrect, You need to add a minimum of 5$ to your steam account and make a purchase with it.

          1. There is no other way to do it, Gifts don’t work i’ve tested that already ;P