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  1. Anonymous

    Hitting that steam group button like 2000 times and its not working 😀

    1. Anonymous

      same xD

  2. Thank you!

    I just hit the enter key like 100 times and then it works :))_

    1. Ghoul

      yeah, same! xD

  3. G3NESIS

    I click many times on continue ashuahsau

  4. abc

    it’s alright

  5. Looks like if you leave the group, click on continue, rejoin the group and click again on continue, it works.
    At least for me,

    1. Anon

      Same here, but quite disturbing

    2. Anonymous

      Its been that way for awhile

  6. i found the way too, LEAVE the Group you must ENTER and REJOIN, wait a few seconds and you have complete the ENTRY (spam CONTINUE).

  7. Anonymous

    i found a way how to fix joining group bug

  8. Anonymous

    Options, eh?
    Scary to think what they’ll do