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  1. I couldn’t manage to level up. Uploaded an avatar and posted in forums but am stuck at lvl 2. Any suggestions?

    1. Add comments. Each comment is +1 point toward your next level. Lots of people just post the alphabet.

      1. I am adding comments but I cant do last point when I post comment it dont count

  2. it worked fine for me i was level 3 immediately. Thanks

  3. I don’t know why every one complains about it being lvl 3 I was lvl 1 with no points earlier today and now I’m lvl 3 took me like no time lmao

  4. Sweet! Thanks a lot!

    For all the complainers, just register and get to level 3…it’s not hard. I just did it. Signed up, got 25 points, uploaded an avatar for 20 more, grabbed a free key, got 5 more, BAM level 3.

    1. + share any videos on alien web…low!

  5. Trash post, only for lvl 3+

    1. bro you know there are people who have this level 3…

      1. Don’t worry dude. There will always be ppl not satisfied. Keep up the good job.

  6. Espero ter ajudado <3 G62BT-M8ZTE-B3PIH

  7. someone add a key

  8. XCP77-R84YH-B9E37

  9. I can’t catch, can anyone help me?

  10. What a f*ck??? what is it 3+ level!!!

  11. Keys are only available for members that are Level 3+

    1. Some peope aren’t level 3 this won’t stop me from posting it.. Because some people are level 3 and they don’t know about this that’s why im posting it..
      Edit: if noone is level 3 then i won’t post it

      1. yeah keep posting those,thnx.

        it’s really easy to get levels tbh.

  12. a mi no abre la pagina

  13. site under maintenance

    1. this is because many people try to connect to the site at same time