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  1. Good games always run out fast! 😛 Maybe next time, there will be a nice giveway. Also, does anyone wonder WHY there are not much ORIGIN KEYS giveaways?

    1. Bcs origin sucks m8 Steam is better plathform.

    2. and because this site is focused on steam keys 😀

  2. I wanted this game :/. Oh well, maybe another time. At least I got Megabyte Punch 😀

  3. aw shit i missed it 🙁

  4. 10000 keys ended in 2 hours? o.O

  5. are you serious? it already ended? :/

    1. Good game usually goes out fast. Just need to watch out for post, especially from me.

      1. Can I find you on facebook or ?

        1. You can use the sites android app. As soon as anyone post, you’ll get notification.

          1. The Download link is not working , provide working link pls.
            OR upload it on

            1. I’ll inform dev admin.

            2. Mediafire Download
              Next Month App come to PlayStore!

          2. Is there any warnings as an add-on for Chrome?

  6. this game is awesome 🙂