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  1. get key on homepage link

  2. there is not the button for clicking

  3. i dont know where to click :/ where is the game !!

  4. doasn’t work why ?? sa marche po ou je click dans le site ?

  5. Oh yeah! Another expensive game for free! ;D 20 euros

  6. i dont know where to click :/

    1. oh nvm i found it

    1. you’re welocme

  7. not working for me.

    1. Create and acc, go to the link, click “Claim free copy”… my account, my lybraries then blunde games

  8. Zavaljujem na besplatnom kljucu sa porodicom.

    1. kako uzeti ?

  9. Dziaล‚a polecam ๐Ÿ™‚