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  1. it is key, not Steam (

    1. its not from and this site actually give steam keys when games are realised .. 🙂

  2. I got mine here picture : .
    If you got your try the survey for a chance to win full game when its realised!

        1. Oppps не ти видях името

          1. Steam или нещо друго имаш ли за да да те добавя? Ако може :Д

            1. Steam-ма ми е jagged maser

  3. Got the key thx so much 🙂

  4. did not get the message in the email takes too long?

    1. i have one for you

  5. Thanks , now waiting 😀

  6. I hope it will not be like the Rising Storm dont get key after 2 weeks 😀

  7. Thanks, now waiting for key

  8. Seems like a banger! Thank you!

  9. 1. Subscribe to them
    2. Confirm your email
    3. They will send you steam key to the email
    [ Check Spam Folder ]


      1. Did you get your key yet? Been waiting for mine for quite some time now.

        1. its possible your key to come tomorrow 🙂 the developer said he send keys two times each day so i think everyone will wait a little bit 😀