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  1. Anonymous

    it works, just keep moving and clicking

  2. Doctor

    Thanks For The Key.Its Awesome

  3. Anonymous

    it works. you just need to walk to the bottom and click the lute. (might take a while).

  4. USER


    1. Anonymous

      ! Look below this comment for easier way !
      Walk through the map with clicks / arrow keys.
      Spot the chest at the right side and click on it.
      Fill the form and get a key for Cloud Knights.
      Notice the X mark on the ground while passing it.
      Spot the lute, click on it and get a key for A Bird Story.
      Click on the guy at upper left and get a shovel.
      Return to the X mark spotted at 4th step, click on it and get a key for Defend Your Life.

  5. Not Working :_:

  6. Antwonette

    Is this even free

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  9. Anonymous

    thx. 3 nice games a time

  10. Anonymous

    Work thx