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  1. anestar

    after waiting all this time ..cuz of mmo shity web site .. Unfortunately, there are no free keys left! .. anyway thanks admin

  2. zero


  3. not sure why everyone is having so many problems. i logged in, clicked “get free key” and done. it works for me

    1. Jomito

      It seems that if you register the account now,there are a problem that you can’t get the verification e-mail. I tried to register a new account,I got the e-mail now,but it takes over 30min.

  4. Anonymous

    shit site already tried three emails, yahoo, gmail and hotmail and none of them have the record validation on the site, a site turd

    1. Anonymous


      1. Anonymous

        I’ll TRY to help you if you can fix me a key lol

  5. Anonymous

    i cant register this website.

    any steam key?

    1. Anonymous

      Cannot register neither. Oops.

    2. Anonymous

      Test with other Browser

    3. Ano

      instead of asking for key, explain why you can’t register