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  1. 2RH0X-LX2FY-DNM3H

  2. We are not getting a key sir.

  3. Y6HII-MC2ZV-W2PC9 enjoy

  4. whenever i try to get it, it asks me to log into steam and when i do, an error message saying “You’re not logged in” appears. strange.

    1. click my steam and connect your steam with the website then join their group and you will get the key i had this error and fixed it by myself

      1. knew it was a good idea to register here, lol.
        thanks bruh.

  5. I think the link is incorrect… I see no giveaways…

    1. change your language to Deutsch

    2. hi. you have to login into the site with facebook then go in steam keys in your options.